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Project Transformation

Salad or cake
We are excited to announce our next Project Transformation, a 21-day strategy for purification and wellness. Current patients, friends, family, and the public are welcome to participate. Dr. Travis and Dr. Deanna will be coaching you on how to revolutionize your lifestyle for three weeks to kick start remarkable changes in your health.

Our past Project Transformation yielded such fantastic results, we are doing this nutritional reset again! If you didn’t get to participate before, now is the time to join us for this informative and inspirational event.

As part of the program you will receive:

  • The Standard Process purification kit
  • Sessions on the ZenPro Whole Body Vibration Machine for one month
  • The detox cookbook with daily meal plans and recipes for all 3 weeks
  • Gallon glass jar for storing Kangen water and unlimited refills for one month

We will be meeting here at the clinic from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM on February 11th to kickoff this exciting lifestyle change. February 18th will mark the beginning of the purification pantry challenge. There will be a reward for the individual who loses the highest percentage of body weight!

To learn more please call us at (479) 273-7301