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Natural Wellness for Bentonville

Bentonville Chiropractor Natural Wellness

We carry an extensive selection of supplements

A healthy diet is an important part of your overall health and wellness. The foundation of good nutrition is a diet that focuses on real, natural foods and avoids processed, genetically modified foods and those found in bags and boxes.

Offering Ways to Keep You Healthy

At Bachert Wellness Clinic, we have a variety of tools to help you learn to eat healthy for a vibrant life. We can also help you identify any food sensitivities you might have that are keeping you from peak health. If food intolerances are identified, in many cases patients can eventually add those foods back into their diet.

Even those with healthy diets can sometimes still have nutritional deficiencies. That’s why we also offer an extensive selection of supplements from many different companies as well as the Standard Process 21-day Cleanse.

Helping to Transform Lives

Both Dr. Travis and Dr. Deanna are passionate about educating people on how to eat healthier to feel better. They look forward to using their expertise and experience to answer your questions. The doctors can help transform how you feel. How? They will do so through not only chiropractic care and acupuncture but also by making improvements to the way you eat.

Contact us today and learn how our nutritional advice, supplements and other programs can make a real difference in how you feel!

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