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What to Expect

Welcome to Bachert Wellness Clinic!

Welcome to Bachert Wellness Clinic!

First Appointment

You will be welcomed by our friendly front desk staff into a warm, calm, and healing environment. Christian radio will be playing throughout the office, setting a relaxing tone. Your first visit will include time with either Dr. Deanna or Dr. Travis to go over your health history and your current needs and wellness goals.

This no-obligation consultation will last from 40 minutes (with Dr. Deanna) to an hour (with Dr. Travis). You will not feel rushed and will have plenty of time to communicate your needs to the doctor. Dr. Deanna or Dr. Travis will then develop a complete treatment plan to fit your individual needs.

Please fill out these forms and bring them with you to your first appointment:

Second Appointment: New Patient Exam and Treatment

Taking everything they learned during your initial consultation, Dr. Deanna or Dr. Travis will

• Give you a thorough exam
• Discuss treatments that we offer
• Develop a treatment plan
• Give you your first treatment

Regular Visits

Depending on how your body responds to the first treatment, Dr. Deanna typically sees her patients three to five more times, usually once a week. If you see Dr. Travis, he will want to see you four to six more times, also one time per week. As each patient is different, you will work with your doctor to determine what further treatment is recommended. The doctors will also perform re-exams to track your results.

New Patient Workshop

New patients are required to attend a workshop that will provide tools to help you achieve real health. It will cover several topics:

  • Therapy outside the office
  • Education on how the body works
  • Why it is important to keep tuning up your body
  • The importance of good nutrition
  • How to make sure your nervous system is free from interference

We look forward to helping you experience relief and full body wellness! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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