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Bentonville Chiropractors for Optimal Health

Experience Gentle Care at Bachert Wellness Clinic

“God designed us to heal. We just need to help correct those things that prevent the healing process!”
At Bachert Wellness Clinic, Bentonville chiropractors, Dr. Travis Bachert and Dr. Deanna Bachert, are committed to your total health and wellness. They will take the time to listen to you and treat your individual needs with compassionate care. Our doctors’ Christian faith is woven throughout everything we do at Bachert Wellness Clinic. You’ll hear uplifting Christian music being played throughout the clinic and enjoy our caring, soothing environment.

Chiropractic and So Much More

Dr. Travis and Dr. Deanna began the practice in 2002 in Rogers, Ark. They moved to their current location in Bentonville in 2012. They have been applying their diverse training and knowledge to help patients, who may have not found help elsewhere, feel better. Bachert Wellness Clinic is not your typical chiropractic practice. We provide traditional chiropractic care, plus so much more! Our mission is to treat the whole body and help patients reach their full health potential through treatment and education.

Experience You Can Trust

Dr. Travis and Dr. Deanna not only use traditional chiropractic techniques but bring extensive knowledge and experience in nutritional counseling and acupuncture among other therapies and services. They offer an array of services that address your health and wellness needs beyond your original pain symptoms.

Bachert Wellness Clinic is also the only clinic in the area that offers the Chiro Plus Kinesiology (CPK) technique. This technique is a gentle and thorough system of examining the body and treating it. Dr. Travis and Dr. Deanna also lead workshops to educate their patients on how to achieve excellent health.

Help and Hope

Dr. Travis and Dr. Deanna truly care about their patients’ health
and wellness. They offer help and hope for each person looking
to live their best life.

Are you seeking doctors who care and listen to your concerns?
Contact us today and schedule your consultation with
Dr. Travis or Dr. Deanna. Discover how you can feel better and
live a healthier life.

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